Yo, smosh, 2010,
Have you cat sapeyed or neutered
Yeah, let's hit it.
Right now

Cute furry kittens,
Snacking on my grass
I don't know what they were doing there
So i took them on my house.

That was a big mistake.
And i'll tell you why (why!)
Never let a cat eat so much grass
Or they'll barf all over you place.

Cute little kittens,
Eat, eat, eat, all you grass.
Cute little kittens,
Walk, walk, walk, into your house.

Cute little kittens,
Barf, barf, barf, on your floor,
Cute little kittens,
Make, make, make, you clean it up.

Those little kittens,
Are out to get you.
You better watch out,
They'll kill in your sleep!


I them took those kittens,
Took them out of my house.
I put my foot up their ass
And kick them it the sky.

Those little kittens flew
Flew right into space
That was the last i heard of them
'cause they burned up in the sun

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