I'll tell you 'bout one day when I was young, I was flippin through the channels when I saw something on, something about robots that destroy each other, it made me want to go blow up my mother.
Oooh, Anthony is not alone, it made me wanna go blow up my home, originally I did that and your point? I love bad grammar and I wish I could rhyme!
If you didn't get what were talkin' about, we're talkin' 'bout the most amazing thing around, if you think the transformers, you was right cause everybody knows that they hella tight!
Transformers creators wouldn't pay us to make this rap, they told us that the script was full of nonsense! I bet that you thought I was gonna say crap cause it rhymes with rap, but I'm better than that!!

Transformers WILL punch you in the face

Transformers WON'T do the macarena

Transformers always say no to drugs

Transformers: robots in disguise

They don't even need to use a glock, they can take you down with their electric shock! Harder than a body slam from the rock but not as much as a slap from my--hand!
Oooh, have you heard about optimus prime? Sweeter than a cherry, sour than a lime, if your booty's gettin hot and it keeps getting hotter, he'll turn into a firetruck and spray you with water!
Optimus knows how to use his hose, he be treatin' his friends like he treats his hoes, stuffin pixie stix right through his nose, until his nose unloads and explodes busloads!
Oooh, right now we switch it up, like when decepticon kicked autobot butt! And, thunderblast is a slut--what? sh-she is.

Transformers WILL find a cure for death.

Transformers WON'T do your algebra.

Transformers are against terrorism!

Transformers: robots in disguise

The dopest parties are thrown by the autobots, disco dancin' and chicks hella hot! They got moves like you ain't never got! No weed, no spank, no crap, no game!
They don't need their stuff to keep their party insane, moves so whack that you can't explain, dancing's so crazy that'll melt your brain, moves that decepticon's can never obtain, hear that Megatron? You ain't got no game! Autobots, throw it up! Makin it a game! You fight to contain the shame you've obtained, Optimus will take you out with a megaballame!(wtf?)
Transformers don't give a damn what you all say, TRANSFORMERS, hit the club like, every day! TRANSFORMERS blow things up with satisfaction, they blow up in your face like a chain reaction!

Transformers WILL run for president

Transformers WON'T dress for halloween

Transformers hardcore since '84


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