(Stteffen Kraus)

Who's gonna matter of what the slaves have felt
Nobody cares what they've thought
Who's gonna hear the voice of nations
Crying for help and justice

Heroes must be hard and raw to themselves
Trying hard to leave behind all the darkness
Now let me try to prepare my soul
'Cos the fight is calling and
What people need is just a bit of truth

1. When I was a prisioner grids could not retain my soul
I was free although I was in jail
I looked people outhere and saw the sorrow in their eyes
They couldn't enjoy the freedom they had


So great is the triumph of injustice and weakness all around this crazy world
They began to shame of to be good and doubt of the truth
And because they were lookwarm, neither hot nor could
They deserve to be spit out of his mouth
They say we are rich and well off, we have allwe need
But they didn't know how poor, naked and blind they were

2. I looked at people outhere and saw the sorrow in their eyes
Living they sickly lives
I looked at my brothers, poor but worthy
Anonymous, they were heroes.

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