Now, I don't want no, no skinny woman
I want the woman, she got-a plenty of, Lord!
I don't want no skinny woman, I want some
A woman wit' a-plenty of meat
Now, we can roll all night long, an this woman
Won't have to stop 'n eat

Well, I've got so-oh, so many women
Now an I don't know who I love yet
Lord, I 've got me, so many women
'Till I'm, I really don't know who I want
Now an it seems like the girl I been cravin' for
Slipped away to the Good Lord, up above

I have the blues, blues in the mo'nin
Blues is the first thing, when I lay down
An' Lord I have, the blues in the mo'nin
Blues is the first thing when I lay down at night
Now that's the reason my baby worry me
My baby, she don't treat me right

Now if you take me, take me back baby
Now an' I won't do you mean no mo', oh Lord
If you'll just forgive me this time
I won't never do you mean no mo'
Now, that you been get all-a my neighbor lovin' you
Just let Mr. So 'n So, go

Now she is gone, she is gone
But she'll fer'ever be on my mind, oh Lord
I, she gone, she's gone
She'll for-'rever be on my mind
Now, she was a sweet little woman
She just, wouldn't be lovin' an kind

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