You've got starch in your pants
Ice for your hands
Books on your head
Holding your breath
So afraid of falling

So you walk on the wire
Over the fire
Your balancing act
Is still intact
As you keep on stalling

You've got to take a leap and let your feelings show
Just loosen up and you'll get used to letting go

('Cause) That's what love demands
You must understand
The laws of gravity do not apply to love

Well I like what I see
When you look at me
And I do believe
The possibilities
Are endless

Like breakfast in bed
The comfort you get
From there being two
Instead of just you
But still you're apprehensive

There comes a time when you've just gotta act on trust
And baby that's what's got to be between the two of us

(Repeat Chorus)

You go flying when you fall
But only if you risk it all

(Repeat Chorus)

Baby That's what love demands
Ooo, Ooooo, Oooo, Oooooo
Oh, that's what love demands
Oh, love
Baby that's what love demands

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