if it's teaching that you need
then i hope that you can see
time is not a shadow
if you can stand the test of time
then i hope that you can find
the truth that you've been searching for
make everything just right x4
Verse 2
there will always be a fountain
as big as a mountain
where the flow of love will grow
just to capture all this pleasure
as much as you can measure
will take something to know
make everything just right
make everything alright
make everything just right
Bridge is not a shadow
keep it up
you got to keep it on
keep it on the ground
move on keep on moving
jazzie b groove on
the vibes alive on which we thrive
doctor fish is our favourite dish
which rely on to be strong
just to carry on doing what
we do best i guess just to keep
rick in check and make sure you
watch every step you take
to make everything all right
like a peaceful world in the sunlight
Verse 3
now if you put your hands in mine
we'll stand the test of time
and you know our love will grow
just like the hands of time
our love will always shine
shine on through the night
Just right

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