I'm alone
My feet touch burning ground
Though I move on
And what
I've been has to fade
For what I'll become

"Hold on!" I'm telling to myself
"Hold on and face your fate!"

Into the fire
Though it burns my skin
And all I've been fades within
Oh holy fire
Let me be reborn
And one day I will guide their way home

Living in you is all I desire
As I start dancing the fire burns higher

Shelters my heart, kisses my dreams
Eases my soul 'til I'm finally free

Light as the wind, bright as the sun
Clear as the rain - all my sorrows are gone

Through worlds of fire
My spirit roams
Charmed by the calling
Of a well known voice

It tells me softly
What I felt deep inside:
"Make yourself ready!
Daughter - it's time!"

So I spread my wings
And my new life beings...

Past is gone
The darkness vanishs
I'm the light of dawn
A fires thonge
Has washed away the moan

So let me be the ray of light
That guides your way by night

Born in the fire
That now is my skin
And all I am lies within
Oh holy fire
I am the newborn
Who lights up your life
and guides your way home

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