A burning star, flash in the sky
And it shines on empty seas,
Now this is the sign,
That I've waited for century

Just call my name and I'll leave
For the battle I've born for
Maybe I ll feel fear
But my enemies will surely know
What that terror can do when their
Bodies will be shattered on the playground of death
I m chosen by the Gods

Guided by stars
They've drown my fate

Through the fire I ride
Against death I've to fight
I will run into the wilderness
To follow my way
I won't go astray

I must win to be free
I can carry this weight
I live through
From age to age I see
'cause my heart
Is brave and fierce

What have I earned?
In the struggle of the war
Strength, now is flowing
And it's raising in my head

Swinging my hammer
Blinded by blood
Berserk Rage
Posses my earth

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