I was walkin' alone,
Deep in the forest
Lookin' at the only thing,
That showed me, the way
I was tired,
And while I was falling
An enchanted voice
Called me from the sky

Carry on this rock and take it
To a cave of your land
Take care of it, the power inside
Is boundless like your will
On it the salvation of your Kingdom
Depends... depends...

The Skylands lord
Felt that they were near
In the valley was growing the fear
The Gem hidden the day before
People were waiting to adore

Mystery in its light so shining
That gave us force to fight
But the army of death,
Was going to break
The rite of (the) mystical
Queen of the Night

Don't we really wanna
Lose our freedom Denied?
Oh people we wanna follow
The cold breeze of the night

Dragons fly, it's time to fight
There's an order
In our bridle mind
In a cold higher flight
Glory's rockin' our Courage to ride
Dragons fly, it's time to fight
There's a Gem
That's beatin' in our hearts
The great lands
Waitin' for an amazing dream
Swords are burning...
On the battlefield

They were days
Of great tears of blood,
Burned on this great holy land
Army were almost arrived,
To conquer our soul, not our might

Dragons fly, it's time to fight…

The last sword, into our last hope
Our destiny is in a word: "victory"
We'll call it,
When a black cloud will
Take away these hangmen of nullity

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