I finally met her, a beautiful taste,
Her aura I faced
She broke down my tranqillity
The virginity of her eyes ready
To seduce my destiny.
Open my arms
I'd like to embrace you, breathin' in the northern heart
Your scent an affliction, your memory obsession,
Why didn't you leave me there?
Look at me fallen in love
With my wings above you
Just a dying creature
In my veins there's a passion, moved by your freezin' blow

Land of wild dreams, land of soul sins
take me by your side
You make me feel, your frozen will
shaking my skin

Oh, Ocean's creature, I know I'm not yours
Far is our ancient nature,
But I can't hide for longer, I wanna feel you once more..
'Cause I've fallen in love
You can't refuse me, oh no..
Only a token of affection
'cause a grave makes you:
I can't follow my sheer instinct


In a calm, lonely night, you really caught me in your fairy trap
D'you remember the lake, flat?
And the magic you left in my eyes
That image, like a veil
Turning page of an old book, shining melodies I took
By the starriness, I'm your slave



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