Too much you're late
Too much you buy
Too much something
Too much for one
Too much for two
Too much believing
I got so much to do
Too much you pay
Too much you play
Too much you lay
Down to get your way

Too much to take
Too much to break
Too much you lie
Too much you fake
Too smart for you
Me and my brew
I got my broken hand
Know that I'm a man!
Touch you on the floor
Touch you all alone
Take away your pride
Touch you from inside
Now you've seen the show
'Cos you want something
I've got to slap my thigh
'Cos I know that you will buy

Too much you bleed
Too much you need
I can feel the power
Of the words I read
Too much you die
Too much you lie
There's no solution
Fill me up
Take away the T-shirt
I don't like oppression
Got nothing to hide
Just need your attention
Too much to make
Too much to stake
Finger's in the lake
Just like Sir Francis Drake

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