I woke up early this morning, I asked myself why
It's four in the morning, so closing my eyes
I rolled over on my other side
Ten o'clock came fast
Heard a noise down the hall
Sounds just like broken glass
And for no reason at all
A picture had fallen from the wall
Oh, it's just another day

Guess I'll spend it in the garden
Why, I can make this day mine
And later at the market
Where I know I can find
A place to spend more than just time
Everyone is in a hurry
They're grabbing only what they need
Their faces poured with worry
Please sir, go ahead of me
I really have no place I need to be
No, it's just another day

Three o'clock came slow
I heard a knock at the door
So I opened it real slow
He said say no more
I must not be who you're hoping for
Why, could it be you're expecting company
Ma'am if I may
Have you sign right here please
And as he walked away
He said, Oh have a lovely day
Yes have a lovely day

Six o'clock rolled around
I hear the traffic building up
It's all around the town
Driving like there is no giving up
Arriving home to the ones they love
Table set, please sit down everyone
Won't come to bed until the dishes are done
And turning out lights all but one
I like to read some
Won't fall to sleep until my day is done
It was just another day

But I've enjoyed it anyway
Just another day
I'll always find a way
Why I can sleep in tomorrow

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