Everything that you hold
Turning worth its weight in gold
Unfold your hand
Through your fingers slips out sand

Bits and pieces of broken hearts
One here and there the spare parts
Grab 'er your gonna need her
That baby, she's a keeper

She'll keep you warm at night
So, be sure and kiss her goodnight

Nothing else you'll ever need
Nothing quite like her, why, your life's complete
Oh, what a find
This baby's one of a kind

And this kind don't just come along
You're easy to find, never stay long
There'll never be another
Take'er, but you gotta love her

And she'll love life
So, reach over and kiss her goodnight
MMMMMMM, Goodnight

Keep her near, keep her close
Why, others want her they just don't know
Oh, what they've been missin'
Guess they would not listen

Now burning ears are burning hot
Yearning years, sure missed a lot
Now they hear her whisper
Oh, how surely they miss her
They miss her alright
They miss kissing her goodnight

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