Hell come calling tonight
Tomorrow will come too soon
Bring me morning light
I will sleep till noon

Curtains pulled back tight
Linens blowing in the wind
From my window opened wide
There, ill let him in ill let him in

No one but me and the man in the moon
And our shadows bouncing off the walls
Timbers a creakin', moonlight a beamin'
Dancing in our all

And things are looking real, real good
And there it is understood
Between me and the man in the moon
We both knew that we would

Full of himself and everybody's watching
Standing in line with even his sun
Left behind, long forgotten
But i'm not the only one

Oh but when he is half there, without a care
Just lying back in the night
Hell, leave them all just hanging in the air
And tonight he's all mine, all mine!

No one but me and the man in the moon
We stayed in last night
And no one even knew we were there
We turned out the lights

Then things started looking a little bit cloudy
So we both just slept in
And no one but me and the man in the moon
We both knew were we had been

He sleeps all day,

Shine with them stars at night
He's out living the big city cat nightlife
No one ever sees him standing in the crowd
Never says a word but he sure dresses loud

Yet the city lights still wash him down
Doesn't anyone here ever sleep
Hey i know of this pretty little town
Well hit roads not streets

Well pound the pavement down to dirt
Churning out nothing but dust
It fills the air and let her clear
Finding there nothing but us, no nothing but

Me and the man in the moon
Riding in the middle of nowhere
And there's nothing between us
But this only thing that needs us
And what ever fills the air

Ill look up, you look over
And when there is no one around
No one but me shooting the moon
And falling down to the ground

Yes i'm in love with the man in the moon

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