I'm gonna spread my wings
Fly 'em like a dove
Hear them angels sing, Rise above!

Sittin' right and I
See things never saw
From here, them big things seem so silly and small

Another day
Come what may
Into a sky of blue

Catch me a breeze
Grabbing on my wings
I'll fly away

Yes I'll fly away
Riding high above
Spreading out my wings like a dove

But I'm no lonesome dove
I wont fly alone
Why, I have someone who will walk me home

While my wings are made
For walking down the street
They'll hold me up, they'll keep me on my feet

When flying here, to and fro
Lifting me, high above I go
Sending me a soaring around

Northern lights a glowing

Through warm whispers blowing
I can hear them calling me
Go spread your wings
Now, fly 'em like a dove
I hear them angels singing
Rise above!

So, I spread my wings
I'm soaring high above
I'm looking over all
Them ones I love

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