So you wanna take a ride with me
Yeah, you wanna break up honestly

I'm not gonna save you
And make it all alright
You're done with with that
It's goin' down tonight

First of all you've gotta dance for me
And then i'll tell you what it's gonna be
Come a little closer
I'm not gonna bite
C'mon C'mon let's do it all tonight

I don't want to your time to be your friend
I can tell you now it's gonna end

And don't think you can save me
There is no me and you
You're done with that
I know what we could do


I dont' mind ...
(That you are mine)
That is never ending
(Just keep in mind)

That we never gonna make it
That we never gonna make it
We never ever gonna make it

[Chorus] 2x

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