This world's so captivating
There's so much more to put faith in
Everybody's offering me my 15 minutes of fame
It wraps it's arms around me
It's whispering songs of freedom in my ear
It's tellin' me that I can be a superstar
It's telling me exactly what I want to hear

But Your harmony is drowning out the melody
It's raging inside my head

I tried to hide
But it was spinning round me pulling me inside
I opened my eyes
Just in time to see my worlds collide

Your love is changing my mind
The world around me starts to fade away
And I'm being refined
You're bringing dawn to a brand new day

This world's so captivating
So much to put my faith in
So many melodies
competing for the right to be my song
It's an unrelenting ambush
Gunna find true love with just one more push
Gunna find my solace just over this next hill
Gunna reach Nirvana, gunna get my fill

You're making black and white the gray
You've replaced tears with Joy, and Night for day

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