You already made up your mind
Just who you're looking for and what kind of love you'll find
Holding out for a dream
But I can see you're lonely, living isn't only a fantasy

I don't fit into your plans, but you can reach for my hands

Tomorrow doesn't matter tonight, I'm holding you and it feels so right
I know you didn't plan it this way, let yourself go if you want to stay
It's alright, 'cos tomorrow doesn't matter tonight

I really hate to see you confused
I want no promises, so what have you got to lose
When you look in my eyes
Don't think about tomorrow, this feeling isn't meant to be analyzed

Why should you be all alone 'til your heart finds a home



(Tomorrow doesn't matter tonight, tomorrow) Let yourself go!
(Tomorrow doesn't matter tonight, tomorrow)

chorus repeats 2x...


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