I live on the Moon
I look down
When I have to
I can see the World
It spins round
Coz it has to

I'll be anything I want
Don't be fooled you've got to me today
I see nothing there that we can share
Coz I can choose and I refuse to stay

So come on it's time to Wake Up
My mind is made Up
Its time to shake up
From inside

I still look around
I've not found
My direction
I'm supposed to be
Someone real
I still question

I'll be nothing that you want
All the things that living brings my way
I love Sun and Moon the Afternoon and every little thing that makes me feel like a King today

Now's the time
Time is now
Lose your fear
Come around

I'm tired and I'm wasted
Been pushed 'til the morning comes
I'm so glad I made it
Been pushed 'til I fell apart
Find love in their pity
Put flowers in their guns
I've faced all the questions
I'll stand here alone and take you on

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