Generation, defined by,
Words from a bleeding nation.
Long ago, music was so,
Different from what we hear now.
Feeling, meaning,
Now it's missing.
Celebrity masterpeices,
Rocking millions of sheep,
Deeper into their sleep.

I want the sound of,
Youth rebellion,
On the system,
Hate for evil,
Make me feel,
Something real in time,
Words that force us to action,
Chords that breathe dedication.
Turn off the radio,
Music, leave me breathless and bare.

I spent enough time hearing girls whine,
About their boys, sex, and toys,
Half naked, lip syncing,
Sex sells, so make it worth it.
Rapping, bling-bling,
Shooting, bleeping,
Meaningless words for profit,
Skating, breaking,
Morals, don't think about it.

I know where i will go,
Run down this one-way street,
Whatever he will take from me,
I give it willingly.
It's death music, system shit.
Pan, stay away from me,
Water poisoned for your soul,
You're gonna die on it.

Why listen to the enemy, enemy?
Why cower to his vice on you?
Don't be as lethargic masses, friends.
Don't listen to the enemy.

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