Johnny was looking pretty good today,
With shiny blonde hair and two eyes of gray.
He started off early on his way to school,
Where he'd learn to hang tough and he'd try to keep cool.

They told johnny good and bad just didn't exist,
He could do as he pleased, he could do as he wished;
And it sure isn't cool to think about god,
And the people that do, well, they're a little bit odd.

Then they talked about drugs and they talked about sex,
Johnny didn't remember what they talked about next.
'cause they didn't give answers, just a big long list
Of nasty situations he was glad he missed.

Put yourself in johnny's shoes,
If you wonder why johnny feels confused,
Must be that his mind gets tired
When his soul is drained and his heart's on fire
And his back's against the wall.
No one's told him where to turn,
Much less who to call!

Spike said, "johnny, could you come out tonight?
Your folks are asleep, so it'll be all right.
Got my sawed-off shotgun and my butterfly blade,
And some overdue debts that need to get paid!"

Johnny didn't know that it was wrong to fight.
I guess no one took the time to explain it to him right.
And his folks hoped he'd never do nothin' real bad.
He was the only little johnny they had.

Well, but johnny couldn't find his way around his own head,
Couldn't tell if he'd rather be livin' or dead.
That's when he started turnin' to his needle-tipped friend,
That seemed to turn his eyes away from life's dead end.

Johnny, don't cry!
I know that jesus cares about you!
You know it's a lie!
To pretend that you don't need it!
There'll be no good-byes!
Just let him wrap his arms around you!
Shut down your mind!
And let your heartstrings feel it!

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