Hey baby
I've got big plans for me and you
So put on that tight dress
You know the one that always tells the truth
It's been a heck of a week
Whatcha' say baby you and me set ourselves free
Gimme one good reason why
We shouldn't get a little crazy
Kiss these blues goodbye
I can't think of one to save me
I tell you I've looked low and high
And as hard as I've tried to find
Why tonight should pass us by
There ain't one good reason why

Hey baby
There's a party goin' on right down the street
Everybody'll be there
And there's a dance floor waitin' for your pretty feet
You deserve a little change
I say we just drop everything
And walk out this door


So hurry up
We're wastin' time
Before it's too late and we change our minds
That would be the biggest crime


Gimme me one good reason
Hey baby, I've got big plans for me and you

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