That's not say another word, we don't need to question why
Let us pass through this moment like a candle in the night
We don't need to wave me back, this is not a final song
Even though in a sadness to makes me fall

* Take my smile holding in your heart forever
And I will be with you wherever you may go

How much pain must we taste, how much sorrow must we know
Will be only nothing losing, how to cherish when we go
How agony is like the wind, we can hold it in our hands
In the light of a new day, we will understand

[Repeat *]

** May the road rise to meet you on your way
May the sun always shine upon your face
And until the journey brings us back together
May god hold you in (the center of) his hand

[Repeat ** , **]

May god hold you in the center of his hand

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