There is a pressing question
My heart's been asking me:
When I say "I love You Lord",
What does it mean?

I know it's one thing to say it,
And another thing to do;
How can I show you it's true?

I'm gonna love You with my life.
I wanna love You with my life.
I'm gonna listen and obey, I'm gonna live these words I say.
I'm gonna love You with my life.

Some people love with money;
Some people love with words;
Some people love because they love the returns;
Yet with all these complications,
The greatest love is always found
In the one who lays his life down.


He said if we love Him,
We're gonna do the things He told us,
Walk the path He showed us;
So if you love Him, show Him it's true in how you're living.
If you mean it, say it with me.


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