Strolling past temptation avenue,
You hear so meny voices calling you;
Maybe you'll step in and take a quick look around.
Try to walk through it,
And you're gonna fall down.

You've gotta run away,
Turn around and run the other way;
Don't even look in the direction
of a thought you should not entertain.
You've gotta run away,
It's a prison that is calling your name;
You just can't win if you play,
So run away.

There comes a time when you must stand and fight,
When the darkness tries to evercome the light;
But sin that is dressed up in the color of gray,
Is only defeated
When we run away.


Don't put yourself in that position
Where sin can make it's proposition;
And if you find that you have fallen,
You gotta get up, get ready to run
Next time sin comes calling, calling.


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