It was the night
Before Christmas
And all through
The world
Everything looked
Llike business
As usual
Sat on a hillside
Looking up
At the stars
While the world
Fell asleep
Just how deep
Was the darkness
The night
Before Christmas

And the night
Bbefore Christmas
It seemed
To be just a night
But the wind blew
Like something
Was coming
And like children
With secrets
That they're
Bursting to tell
The cedars
In the breeze
While all of nature
It seemed
Held its breath
On the night
Bbefore Christmas

And hope
Hope long awaited
The hope
Of the ages
Would break
With the dawn
And the song
That all
Of creation
Was anticipating
Would start
With a baby's
First cry

And on the night
Before Christmas
Mary laid
Down to rest
While Joseph
He paced
The floor praying
And in
An everyday stable
In an
Everyday town
In the hours
To come God
Would wrap
Himself up
And come down
Ffrom heaven
And the world
Would forever
Be changed
After the night
Before Christmas

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