The T.V. said just make sure you're old enough,
And let your feelings tell you when it's right.
What went wrong? She thought it was really love;
Now she wonders why she just can't sleep at night.
She knew the rules but they were too old fashioned;
Was it worth the price she has to pay.

It's either truth or consequences, there's no other way;
Put truth aside, the other takes its place.
Well, you can close your eyes but that won't make it go away;
The truth or consequences must be faced.

The headlines say our world's in a lot of pain,
Hurt from all the selfishness and greed.
What went wrong? Like sheep all have gone astray;
We'll reap what we sow, don't be deceived.
His truth's been given and it's there before us,
Written on the page and in our hearts.


As sure as God made the sun to shine,
He made the rules we must all live by;
He loved us too much to leave us alone
To our own devices.


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