he Star-Spangled Banner proudly flies above their heads.
Perversely smiling, up from the buildings they observe.
Dictating us, the only way to behave is to kneel down.
Over us, all they firmly intend to reign.

Widespread poverty...Misery is proliferating like weeds,
There, right before their eyes,
The fruits of their toil and mass profits.
Their economical dictatorship has been depriving,
Yet for too long, Third world people of their essential needs,
Simply enough to live with dignity...

Imposing their pathetic laws and ideal, iron handed.
Forcing the weakest to submit
To end up one way or another, like dogs kept on leads
Begging for leftovers, these wankers kindly deign to leave.

What about medicines... their pharmaceutical corporations
Still refuse the exorbitant selling price to decrease ...
Always glued on benefits like stupid flies on shit
Never felt concerned about the mass-decimating epidemics.

No remorse felt... comfortably sat behind your desk...
taking things easy, hands up your heads.
turning a deaf ear to all their screams... my ears bleed.

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