You're wearing your mask
In the heat of the night
You're running alone
For a better life
Your naked feet
Feel the blades of the leaves
But there is a hope
A hope in your heart

Your soul is so weak
And full of pain
You want to ignore
The beat of your heart
And all of those screams
You have heard in the night
Are just all your fears
That you try to forget

There was an angel
That was against the pain
She tried to give the love she had
To all whom it has left
Once in her life
She had met her only prince
But he was from flesh and bones
So she left her wings

You are still running
Under shooting stars
Looking for love
That you dreamed to have
And in this night
Feeling this pain
You have found your love
And you are willing to stay

Come to me and give me your love my only one
Don't you see i am here for you for you my dear

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