In my darkest part of life
I am sitting here and hearing lies
Your words about me are so unreal
And life You gave me is not real
I am on my knees but where is light
No hope inside my broken mind
And all my days I have spent with You
They are still nothing
Nothing to You

Please don't hide Your tears
And be a slave for me
I will break Your life
Will break Your life
You're the one I need
Your soul is so pure
And Your heart is so weak
You will worship me
Will worship me
'till You feel my poisoned kiss

I saw Your wings I thought You're an angel
I worshiped You but I was wrong
You sucked my blood and never listened
To all the words I had said to You
But in this night Your wings were gone
And evil smile raised on Your face
You gave me all I never wanted
And then You killed me with Your kiss

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