From the corners
Of the country
From the cities
And the farms
With years
And years of living
Tucked up
Underneath their arms

They walked away
From everything
Just to see
A dream come true
So god bless the boys
Who make the noise
On 16th avenue

With a million dollar spirit
And an old flattop guitar
They drive to town
With all they own
In a hundred dollar car

Cause one time
Someone told them
About a friend
Of a friend they knew
Who owns
You know a studio
On 16th avenue

Now some were born
To money
They've never had
To say "survive"
And others swing
A 9 pound hammer
Just to stay alive

There's cowboys drunks
And christians
Mostly white and black
And blue
They've all dialed the phone
Collect to home
From 16th avenue

Ah, but one night
In some empty room
Where no curtains ever hung
Like a miracle
Some golden words
Rolled off
Of someone's tongue

And after years
Of being nothing
They're all looking
Rigt at you
And for a while
They'll go in style
on 16th avenue

It looked so uneventful
So quiet and discreet
But a lot of lives
Where changed
Down in that
Little one way street

Cause they walk away
From everything
Just to see
A deam come true
So God bless the boys
Who make the noise
On 16t avenue

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