Somebody's honey been away too long
Somebody waitin' at home
Somebody's learnin' that they're not so strong
Sittin' there dreamin' alone
Well nothin' seems to matter since it's been like this
Nothin' seems to move me at all
My heart's about to shatter 'cause we last kissed
Hangin' on from call to call

And hopin' please be San Antone
Please be on the phone
Send your love back home to me

Anything you tell me's gonna be OK
Anyway the words wanna walk
Any news is good news that I hear you say
We could talk about the weather, talk about the dog
Just enough to hear you take another breath
Just enough to soften the fall
I'm gonna make my day until the next sunset
Hold me back from climbin' the wall

Repeat Chorus

Send your love back home to me
Send your love back home to me

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