50 miles to Mississippi
Tired sick of spending my nights alone
After Jackson theres Louisiana
Then I'll be laying next to the one I know

You just called to say you're south of Oxford
Driving down for the night just to say hello
This funny feeling all too familiar
I know something more is goin on

You're the hotel that I run to when I'm sad and lonely
He's the home that I come to
And we both know he's the only one for me
Well, I know it hurts to let me go
But baby, you're my hotel
He's my home

You say you hate I'm up so early
One more hour before its time to go
That funny feeling just makes me angry
Cause I wish that I woulda just told you no

But I'll say nothing to spare your feelings
Cause I don't wanna make you mad
I'm gonna lay down a little longer
To close the door on what we never had

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