Sitting on the cold stone. The weeping willow throws her shadow.
Silence spreads her wings, my soul, my thoughts, my mind.
Streams of vitality return, and I know - the time is there.
I'll find peace within me, all around is getting warm and calm.
Wandering along the seas of emptiness, I hear the voices of my mother.
Mother nature speaks to me, trees whisper my name, birds call for me.
Travelling to the end of my path, sitting down into the foliage.
After a while, I fall into a deep silence.
"Wake up my son", a warm voice calling me.
I look up and there is nothing, only the old one.
The oak speaks to me, no voices anywhere.
Only flutes, and this warm voice.
Listen to me boy, and I tell you what time is worth.
I've been here for centuries and I've seen them all.
All the philosophers, all the lovers, and I even touched god.
And I tell you, don't hunt your fortune. Your destiny is already carved in stone.
As it is written go and live your life."
Thank you dear mother...

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