Somewhere in America one night
Out on the road I Saw her face
Trying hard to blend in with the others
She looked so out of place
Wo oh - her eyes, they caught me by surprise
They haunt my memory
Wo oh - she turned me around
Read my thoughts aloud
She moved me with a look
Then vanished in the crowd

*You know who you are
In the night you'll feel a shiver
As I touch you from afar
Shining like a star
From the world we'll keep a secret
You know who you are*

The towns all run together
As the days pour into nights and fade away
Staring at the schedule
To go back to the city and the day
Wo oh - come to me, listen to my voice
Follow what you fell
Wo oh - run to me, I'm searching for a clue
A number or a name
I'm reaching out to you

( * Repeat)

Sometimes when my heart can't find a reason
And it's just another season passing by
Wo oh - sometimes, I can close my eyes and touch you
In a moment I can feel again the way it felt that night

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