Don't wake me up if I'm dreaming
And don't let me fall asleep if this dream is comin' true
Your love's enough to keep me breathing
And all I want to do is keep dreamin' of you

My love was a lonesome road till you came along
Well you looked at me as if to say I'm right where you belong
You stopped me in my tracks and the next thing that I knew
There was a ring upon my hand and I was lying next to you
So don't wake me up...

Well I read stories I read books about how love should be
But the written word did not express what your love does to me
I'd love to share our secret but I don't know where to start
Cause I cannot put on paper what's been written on my heart
Don't wake me up...

You don't have to worry bout my calling out another lover's name
If you see me smiling in my sleep darling you're the one to blame
Cause you're the only dream I dream
Don't wake me up...
Yeah all I wanna do is keep dreamin' of you

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