Traveling home, all alone
I caught you with my eye
You came inside to hitch a ride
With no real reason why
So solid gold in overalls
You turned and faced to me
And all around, the purring sound
You said get me home for tea
We shook some rugs and then reef-up
On a bonnet made for 3

You're the boy for me
Son of Jaguar 'E'

We drove on to the shore
Fresh orange peel, spoked alloy wheels
And foot down to the floor
We're in a trance, it's nature's dance
And still you're up for more

You're the girl for me
I'm son of Jaguar 'E'
You're the boy for me
Son of Jaguar 'E'

You walked off through the rain
To catch your train, I don't entertain
We'll ever meet again

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