Say, do you like mystery stories?
Well we have one for you
The concept relativity
That strange fantastic relationship
Between time, distance and mass
Before we're finished, I think you'll agree
That truth is stranger than the strangest fiction

Why do the stars shine?
Why does the galaxy light up?

E equals mc squared
That is the engine that lights up the stars
Energy turns into mass
E equals mc squared
That is the secret of the stars

Now listen carefully
The faster you move
The heavier you get
The energy of motion turns into m your mass
Energy of motion

Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared
An awful lot of energy
For a tiny amount of mass

Light travels at the same speed
No matter how you look at it
No matter how I move, relative to you
Light travels at the same speed

No matter who is doing the measurement
And no matter what direction you are moving
The speed of light is the same
No matter what direction or how fast

As you travel faster
Time slows down
Everything slows down
Time slows down when you move

Time passes at a different rate
Clocks run slow
It's a monumental shift in how we see the world

The beauty, the majesty
The power of the universe
Into a single equation

It's a beautiful piece of science
It's a beautifuly elegant theory
It's a beautiful piece of science

A planet like the earth is kept in orbit
Because it follows curves
In the spatial fabric caused
By the sun's presence

Space and time are bent by stars and planets
As things move through this curved space, they bend

Now all of this is illustration of the fact
That time and space are linked together

As you're moving through bent and curved space and time
You feel like you feel a force

That force is gravity

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