Take the rap
Take the blame
Who's the one to sell fame
Equalize and harmonize
Maximize and victimize
Injury, psychosurgery
Put you in pillary
Tell me now what's the scoop?
Sticks and stones poof poof poof yeah
The beat is quick and pathetic, realistic
Playing rhythm, I'll hit 'em
Hit 'em with this I'll get 'em
Do you catch my grip?
Maniac, insomniac
Kick back Gardiac

* Gardiac is out there
Out there to get you
Hold you in your nightmare
Don't let it get through

* Repeat

Revolution, I'm the planter
I'm the ransom enthusiasm
Some had them no time for phantasm
No illusion find conclusion
Do you need a transfusion
Words from the universe
Put it in reverse
I can make 'em take 'em and shake 'em
And break 'em and sling 'em mentally
Over ruined metaphysical while I'm flowing
Do you know where you will be
On a life supporting G
Playing damage on a back
Kick back Gardiac

* Repeat

Oh it's got the soul

Wont you get back

Think you're brave then just behave
You're a victim and you're a slave
Psychological epidemic
Do you wanna get rid of me?
Nerve system malfunction
All the time in conjunction
Blow me and ventilate
Back then
Coming back with mental power
One by one I'll devour, chewing doing
Every human flock and die like a new man
Life and death I'm the keeper
I'm the Grim Reaper
My jack, hijack
Just kick back, Gardiac

* Repeat

Tryin' to get some move in the breeze
Tryin' to get some move in the breeze

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