* Program kick the toe jam
Feel the flow, here I am
Pump the track up let it go
I can do it fast or slow
Stimulation of the drum
Don't be blind, deaf and dumb
Fever, I'm not playing yeah
You know what I'm saying
This is it, let it flow
But make sure you got some soul
I can do this all the way
Funkadelic everyday
On a mission, full of tricks
There's no doubt this be kicks
One, two, I got it made
Futuristic escapade

Dance now
Let the fever burn your body on
Don't cool down
Let the music open up your mind
Dance now
Let the fire burn your body on
Don't cool down
Cause we're gonna open up your soul

Bass line kick the ...
This is the place and the time
Once again I'm on a rampage rip the stage
Blowin' the cake ready for battle yes I am
Domination the master plan
Gold rush keep in touch
It's quite easy as such
Keep it simple face the faith
I'll make time for everyone
Play the men out the gun
Sound goes beyond your vibe
Can you dig it one more time
Funkadelic to the bone
Psychadelic danger zone


* Repeat


My love!

Come on

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