[Intro: Talib]
Uh uh, yea yea uh uh
Turn the music up, uh uh
Yea yea, yea yea, yea yea
Okay okay, we almost there
Let's go let's go, uh uh
Yea yea, yea yea, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Seu Jorge]
É tudo nosso
Conex­?o Brasil, Estados Unidos
É pra chapar rapá...
Eu tenho o prazer de dizer que tou ahhh
Aqui agora para cantar para você, para balançar
Se voce quiser, pode chegar, pode dancar

[Talib Kweli]
Last night I had a dream that was so real
I woke up in a cold sweat, it felt so ill
I stared into the face of an angel
tainted by the city, you ain't from this place it'll change you
Walkin by, I thought I was sly
Offered to try, at first I thought she was shy
'Til I saw this guy at the bar talkin to her reckless
She ignored him, cast a glance in my direction, started dancin to my section
... Her body flyer than a jet pilot
What a smile and the eyes like wet violets
They flutter by like the wings of the butterfly
Keep it tight, Eva Mendes in "The Other Guys"
Got me in another zone - they call her Sunshine like
"Put your mother on the phone, I ain't comin home"
Put a deposit on a place in her heart
All along she a place from the start
My favela love, man I fell in love, man I fell in love
Man I fell in love, man I fell in love
Man I, man I fell in love
Man I, man I, uh

[Chorus: Seu Jorge]
Ehhhh, a gente e' desse jeito mesmo e' diferente
Ehhhh, e' brasileiro e' swingueiro, é coracoa
Ehhhh, a gente e' que bota fe' na vida pode cre
'tamo ai' para viver para encarar
(Ehhh) A vida pro que der e vier
E' nois que ta' na fita agora pode cre
Brasil crescendo a gente ta' aí para aparecer
Se voce quiser colar com a gente, n?o tem nada n?o
A gente vai correndo junto nessa mesma uni?o
Brasil o povo de mistura raca pe' no ch?o
Objectividade na vontade de crescer

[Talib Kweli]
A feeling of panic engulfin the whole planet
Yet my words are slow dancin, my language is romantic
Vocabulary that's bustin your capillaries
My freedom'll taste sweeter than juices of blacker berries
My adversaries speak ill of my name, I'm so sick
Attack is very guerilla, my game is so pimp
Everything fall into place, it's gravitational
Profit stay in the black, the shade is so un-fadeable
Healthy relationship make your other ones better
I'm Lee Scratch Perry, they call me the upsetter
For the cheddar get the bread up
Mr. International call it the bruschetta, the spiritual newsletter
I wish you knew the arc of the story and knew your part
You're lookin into my heart or just lookin to be a part
From a boss in my prime, look how we crossin the finish line
How you tired, I stay wired like I was offered a line


[Talib Kweli]
Uh, uh
I don't wanna bang it or beat it, hit it or stab it
You're listenin to voodoo, I call it the black magic
You jammin up the traffic, you bubble, it don't stop
It might blow up but it won't go pop
"Pow!" That's the sound like onomatopoeia
Got me floatin when you (Rockin My Boat) like you Aaliyah
Got them African features like people out in Bahia
Mix tobacco with the reefer like you was a European
When I leave I'm gonna miss you, (Official) like Kardinal
Trust I'll come back and I'll visit for carni-val
When I come back around, take me out on the town
And you can show me how you put it down
My favela love, man I fell in love, man I fell in love
Man I fell in love, man I fell in love
Man I, man I fell in love
Man I, yea, yea yea...

[Chorus - latter half]

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