Follow me into a flow, we gon' land in the river
I'm Lou Diamond when I stand and deliver
I got you nervous so your hand gonna quiver
Cats shaking in they boots
On a quest for love, so I take 'em to the root
Who the best, who the worst?
Let's travel at magnificent speeds around the universe
What can you say as the Earth get further and further away
I kill the track with murderous rage
I'm a child of Egypt like van Sertima say
I'm doing lines off the words on the page
Who the herb on the stage?
Kick him off and proceed to show him how it's done
Only thing these emcees be showing me is how to run
Cause them niggas is running like politicians
Acting like a movie with twelve dollar admission
And they still make you butter your popcorn
Since Big and Pac gone
It's hard to find a rapper that's not corn
That's why we threw the Ra on
The God MC, helped me manifest the God in me
See, '87 state of mind that I'm in
Bow to the king -- you can try, you're not him
Came to say follow the leader unless the niggas is wack
Pull the plug, kick a hole in the speaker
The Blacksmith, I spit it so hard I melt iron
My people in the streets still dying
People still trying
Duck, the bullets are still flying
Spitting the ill fire, the candle's still burning
The handle's still turning, the door half-open
Fuck getting a foot in, I'm kicking the shit open
My niggas is from Brooklyn
Innocent victims tossed like a pigskin
Niggas is forced in the system
Nigga, of course his momma miss him
You still not listening

Yo, Kweli, you see my attribute
Is Taheim Master Sameek Allah
Peace to the God
You bug on how I'm so lyrical charismatic
How I be lyrically bouncing on beats like acrobatics
And how I be applying the mathematics
Matter of fact, it's designed to stay off of the street
Create a balance and challenge
Anybody who want it we make 'em vanish
In the hood where they most thug, even the bitches act mannish
And brandish the talk that be changing your thoughts
In a couple seconds don't even have me raising my weapon
Let me talk to niggas and give you the jewel
Freeze your head in a cooler
If you follow the leader, then follow the ruler
You see me now, just know I'm redefining the future
I'm saying, spit a dart that'll pierce the back of medullas
The bassline'll romp like a nigga blowing the tuba
And talk to pretty bitches that still be chewing Bazookas
While I continue to show you how to make your stack bigger
Watch the kid create a new civilization of rap niggas
Back niggas, and watch me lay in the cut
I'm in the hood -- the way I do it, it got me fucking the pavement up
Amazing but you should know I'm craving to set it
Been the first to start a lot of this shit, appreciate the credit
Look, from here to Senegal, been a while
Since I've been stamping up a couple of passports -- you know my style
International Bus Rhymes, still a creator
Moment that'll permanently put you in a hearse
Then watch me eat you like lunchtime
See I be the maker, the owner, the cream and the God of the universe
Be clear, you need to know that when I curse
See the exposure when I apply the pressure, the pipes burst
And I'm gone

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