My next move gotta be my best move on the cool
I'm coming through, make rule I'm getting to the money
So if you see me in the streets all my hustle game homie
Take notes I'm getting to the money
And I ain't looking for no new friends,
All I'm looking for is my hands pimpin I'm getting to the money
Nothing but the big face, big face what you're tryin to do
Bitch I'm getting to the money

Nothing take it personal pimpin is all business
My mind on my grind the women is off limits
Tryin to make a dollar out of dime is the pennies
I don't wanna hear anybody, if I don't make a percentage
Money make the world go round, is not a game
I've been a lot of places man I've seen a lot of things
Smoked a lot of drough and pour a whole lot of drink
You say you never see me that's cause I'll be at the bank
You gotta have motive one hustle just to survive
Don't do business with em if they don't look you in the eyes
So call friends could be enemies and disguise
Man live, women live, numbers never lie nigga

What I hear you say the money is the voodoo
Leave em I don't believe you
'Cause the profit gotta get you to the people you fuck the eagle,
Best believe that we don't need to be broke
And ain't our doubt to be pow
Ain't nothing wrong with wanting more
Is so dangerous to think they coming up the sin
That's a design to keep you in condition, you're leaving near
Face on their skill, so people getting privilege yeah it's a purse
They went it on the trust front so they don't gotta work
They say it's easier for a camera lookin through the eye
Of a nidle in the rich man to get in the heaven the applause for the previous
You immediately hang yourself
Not in them chain till you start to make the change yourself
Come on

The mula..the chatter, the dough,
They say your purpose workless unless you was getting more
I suggest you get out of your behind and on the..
They say the time is money so I can't be given tisine
To any look the hundred tryin to waste a nigga money
She say the pussy prices and I say ha ha you funny
But you ain't gotta call baby you ain't got a house
I guess the pussy prices but you're ringin out the mouth
Say you ain't let these lanes niggas what a hot tab
And you ain't got no money till he's here catch your cash
So baby I suggest you price a little less
But I don't bout a pussy he's a retch throw some rest

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