Our keynote speaker is about to come on and i just wanted to say
A few words
About him and you all know who he is... talib kweli! please,
Hold your applause
Until the end. we are glad to come and hear you speak. we love
It! kweli
Doesn't like me to talk about this but one time we were driving
Through the
Mississippi delta and there was a brotha runnin up the side of
The road and he
Didn't have any shoes on. he didn't have a shirt on and i
Started to drive
Right by this man. kweli said "stop the car because that
Brotha might be in
Trouble" and i stopped the car. kweli said to the man he
Said "brotha are you
Ok do you need a ride somewhere?" and the man looked at
Kweli and said
"shhhhhh... i'm escapin!" and kweli took him by the
Hand and said "my brotha
You didn't get the memo, we have been free for some time
Now" well i'm wisinen
Up. please welcome good friend, scholar, ghetto philosopher,
Three time nobel
Peace prize winner, first black man to pilot an aircraft, the
Nigga that made
Up the nike swoosh, the man that made koolaid say "oh
Yeah!" brooklyn's own...

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