Real niggas say church, catch the Holy Spirit
You be hearing them testify, then I beat ‘em with the curse
This ain’t baseball, we don’t never let it slide
Run through it like first, the tech will spray and the pepper spray
Like pesticide and the crowd disperse
Somebody on the floor is left to die, that’s how we go
What you expect, there’s metal detectors at the door, that’s how you know
That we in a prison whether it’s the club or the school, hospital or the fucking airport
Take a trip when I’m all one gone, in the head till the song’s done
Shit, you ain’t nothing but a blip on the screen
I remain in the game for the long run, staying in the forefront
No blunts, we getting sky high
We changing time zones, the hours fly by
The Europeans, mixing the weed with their tobacco for ‘em
I got a lock like the Scots with the shackles on them
Slave psychology, trade property for an apology
I’m a king, not in my genealogy, origin of the word, an analogy
And I’m on the pyramid like a Ponzi shit
Pull my collar up cooler than Fonzie be
And I rock, nigga, call me geology
I’m the top nigga, check my discography

Real niggas say church, mosque, synagogue
Fresh pine box for you and your squad
28 grams and it came out hard
So I quit my job, got blessed in the mud
Get burnt, worked, left in the dirt
Last real nigga in the game, don’t perk
He be the nigga with the drive in the world
Bet you’ll probably be the next rap nigga in a skirt
Get brave, scrape, put him in his place
Curse on your head, got a dub on his face
All my dogs eat off the same plate
Shoot a nigga, get it charged, get off the same day
And I knew a nigga itching to do me the same way
Really do it matter, we living the same shit
Never looking forward to getting my brains lit
But it’ll probably be a nigga I hang and slang with
Enemies come with smiles but I see their disguises
I done seen friends turn into straight frauds
So the fake shit don’t surprise me
In the lab with a spoon a hot stove
Most of y’all niggas can’t survive me
38, young goon with a smart nose
Born and raised on gangster alley

I’m not giving a fuck which means I’m not giving in the enemy touch
Keeping my virginity clutched, I’m not giving it up
Spitting murder, I’m probably not somebody you want to make an enemy of
Every syllable was killing them, death is a minimum
Outcome when you letting Freddy with machetes in your living room
I’m living through the visuals I’m giving you
Connect with every individual when they was saying he just lyrical
No, nigga I’m the realest, raising the trouble with gorillas
Ain’t too many heroes and there’s way too many villains
Niggas going crazy over money, probably need to be committed
They committed to seeing these killings, they walking away like they don’t know who did it
Time is on your side so be happy when you see the other side of a minute
Half aware niggas witness homicide when they chilling
Look, just another day in my city, just another day in fly city
Don’t go and be funny with another nigga money
Yeah, make sure motherfucker die silly
It ain’t pretty, poverty done got to me, no you can’t take it out of me
Talking shit, motherfucker, it’s just like I hit the lottery
Gotta be niggas spitting that comedy, not a nominee
Spitting the monopoly ‘cause I’m living like Tommy Lee
Shit too real and these niggas too fake
It’s my time, these niggas too late
My city too real so I stay like that
And we don’t give no fuck ‘cause we was raised like that

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