One time for your money
You break it down like

How you do it, how you do it?
My nigga khrysis be offering you some heat, yeah
You are the rappers I’m offering you a seat
As a matter of fact, take several, park it like valet
Page is the opera, the rapping is ballet.
If your taste is exquisite, then maybe you make a visit
To a place where you can get support and make a difference.
That’s of course, only if the recorder will make...
Then you’ll make us trade line for the store to show us distance.
I travel the globe, over the rainbow a pot of gold
My career is to a point where I’ve learned to enjoy the role!
Take a flex in front of famous cathedrals
Sip mojitos on the beaches in rio with barbido.
.. Take it low
Stop the currency crib for some extra... Piff the blow!
Yep. Tit this... to smoke digital
If I diss niggas, no subliminals, no center for rap
They say I’mma off beat the flow criminal
Ya niggas just be off with no centerfolds.
Ya niggas softer than some dinner rolls
Take! All these fake niggas been exposed!

Oh you break it down like,
One time for your money
One time for your money
You break it down like, yeah
One time!

I’ve come to come fresher flows
Tighter than clothes, and the queer dresser,
We’ll have you live from a peer, I call you peer pressure
You’ve been hawks, tell your kin folks
I give bitch heart attacks
Pen strokes, slam poison pencils
Turn anathemas to lullabies and lobotomize instrumentals.
You’re traumatize so you stop getting stolen.
Is it wrong? I make the song cry to get the top cheer falling
Them boys are swaged to death
I’m bad ass to the white kids back in...
I spit fire, just got the dragon breath
Your ex off the... Luckily I had a...
I point it right where ya tongue at
And I can lose him like...
I gave the cat the long hat.
You ship the... But it’s getting...
Illest pointing the infrared at an infant head.
And that it’s bad luck! Up in the nights when your dad come
Wishing he had... Walling every... when he grabbed up
Fuck your tired flows and your sad hook
I’m still glad that your man shook

You break it down like,
One time for your money
One time for your money
You break it down like...

Yo, the audio controller,
Twelve bar cardio
Rap game giorgio moroder tigga,
Told ya, I sold you to the coldest winters
Now the jeans sitting right where they’re supposed to fit him...
The battle field aint for no beginners
Not bragging, I just had to be clear
Go n grab you a chair, whether she dark skin or vanity fair.
Gimmie a chick rocking natural hair with red roses in em,
And I’m an animal!
Nah, I mean I’m an ani-mal, oops!
I mean honorable, giving you niggas what you paid for
I lay law (layla) like derek and the dominos
Play your position with me, call it honor roll
Test me, god bless ya soul
I’m bugging out, call pest control!
Nigga vamonos, to the west coast eating won-ton
With crondon screaming fuck one time for guantonimo
We should have did this shit a long time ago
Cause every single line, every rhyme I wrote
It’s nothing but the schedule to oppius
Stimulants, yeah nigga, all kinds of dope
I’m langston, meets slang tongue
Don’t need a track for that bottom feeder rap
You niggas is plaikton
I’m ak to a paint gun
Completion nigga it ain’t none, at all!

One time for your money
One time for your money
One time for your money
One time for your money

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