Uh, uh, yeah feel that for a second
I ain't even gon say shit for a couple of seconds
Gonna let you feel that for a second
It's Madlib like
Yeah, what you know about that?
The era of the bullshit is over
It's the year of the Blacksmith
Kweli, aiyyo, aiyyo

Aiyyo, we need some new leaders
Politicians is lying, now artists is true divas
They meant to deceive us, they were sent to defeat us
Everybody in here shot his peers through the speakers
Guerrilla tactics, I'm a find a weapon, drop a rhyme or
Find a session, give you a final lesson in your final seconds
Liberation ain't the illest vinyl pressing?
Yeah right, and the government ain't lying about 911
Find me repping Brooklyn on the daily, what the dealy?
Questioning my teachers like "Oh, really? " so they feel me
Based on fraudulent facts as they practice like O'Reilly
Making me a hero for the class to come behind me
It's collusive like your newest sneakers, ain't you glad you waited?
This year I graduated, y'all niggas is super seniors
Stay getting left behind, this the year of the Blacksmith
Liberation clearly a classic

People want to live it up, what, what's your drug of choice?
What, what, give it up, what, let me hook it up
Over the counter intelligence got ya hooked
You's a gonna when I'm on the corner selling it

Cats after the pot of gold like the luck of the Irish
I don't fuck with silly broads, I only fuck with the flyest
What they saying, stop playing, they delaying the plane
Usually I'm late and they saying my name over the loud speaker (Talib Kweli)
The turbulence will make you find Jesus
I took a train from Brussels to Antwerp, the cops find pieces
Don't get it twisted, London got dime pieces
We stopping in Amsterdam for top of the line reefers
Trying to get to Egypt for the pyramids in Giza
Got me tripping like Cameron Diaz in Tanzania
A family guy on a grind, still we up heed her
I'm using poetic licence like onomatopoeia
Headed to Philadelphia, I'm yelling out "Free Mumia"
CDs selling like nuclear weapons in North Korea
Madlib, Talib Kweli, we off the meter
To start a fight, I'm coursing your life, the talk is cheaper

Yeah, yeah
This the Liberation, rhyming is my occupation
Occupation of a nation, drop the population
From creating self-esteem, plus the stream of consciousness
When I got it into being I helped to free the populace
Bred to black, green to black is wrapped around a magazine
Under pressure said the freshman at Cheshire academy
Kicked out of Brooklyn Tech, focusing on looking fresh
Bright kid accepted to the schools that only took the best
Bounce like a check, yes, without no hesitation
I went to college, then I left, that's when I got my education
Still live my regrets, now how I'll would I be with a degree?
Use would just a piece of paper to me, a receipt
One day I might go back, shit, who am I kidding?
How can I live a stupid decision?
Get used to the prison that I built for myself
It's all real, true in lividness so I rap to put food in the kitchen, c'mon

Feel the man, the Liberation

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