[Verse 1: Talib]
Movin' at the speed of a solution
Bleeding in the streets as you're breathing the pollution
They're saying that we need a revolution
But their passion is reduced to all-caps on a computer
Hey! Every sixteen I make a sick scene
Blood splattered all on you shirt like a...
Y'all niggas trippin' like mescaline and mixed greens
My flow cleaner than the Sistine, pristine
You goin' green like Al Gore with 'em
I make algorithms that got Malcolm in 'em
God's favorite, I'm sick as a doctor's patient
We live in a cold world, my job is to rock nations
My occupation? Elation, a celebration of rebels
Raise the levels and the decibels flagrant
It's too amazing how we be blazing, son
Our flowers is the loudest, they crowd around us
But cower in the shadows of the towers, boy

Take a tour with it, bake the raw
Where the beat's so savage
That it's knuckles gon' scrape on the floor
Make a call, all the rocket ships taking off
Jah/Wu/gun music playin' when we facing off

[Verse 2: Busta]
Yo, I plaster the nation, causing evacuation
My manifestation got 'em patient from how I keeps it amazing
See, I'm the reason niggas need some training
While I'm inflicting the pain and making it suitable for any occasion
I'm very engaging soon as I awaken
Quickly back you up and bag your bitch
She's reminding me of Sanaa Lathan
Rely on the hating while I'm smiling and waiting
That's when I embrace 'em
If you try to front, you'll be highly mistaken
The mightiest making of a classic, alrighty, I'll face it
My psyche is ancient and I'm hiring, so try me, I'm patient
Sorry, I'm lying, face it, I'm back for the taking
I'm urgently giving niggas the courtesy of smashing their face in
(Damn, can you cut his mic off?!)
See how we got 'em buggin'
'Cause they can't believe what we have in the making
Shit so historic, got me goin' for it while I bang the nation
And do niggas greasier than a slab of bacon...


[Verse 3: Talib]
These rap niggas is bitches, nothing but suckers to me
Sacrifice myself for the music and let them suffer through me
Your weak product is nothing to me
I only feel effects when I fuck with Louis
Yep, I get buck in the studio like I'm Evil Dee
Pulling strings like the Muppet movie
Shining my light like Mos calling his mother Umi
Who's the hottest regardless of who's flaming?
We ain't talkin' 'bout the best until you mention my name
Who're you kidding? The truest spitting
I'll break you like a mirror so it's clearer
That we don't believe in superstition
These new additions need supervision
Thinking that they can spit it in the booth like me
What are you stupid? Listen
I've been official, it's been official, I'm too consistent
I make a claim 'cause I'm too official for euphemisms
Staying in the cut like a new incision
I'll put you on your ass like True Religion
So give it up for the truest living


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