Check the block

1 2 3 The pass to be
Not the mighty dollar kweli
With the z

My rhymes make love to be mike will get than never force it
I plan my seat to hate a prag and poses, believe
Work, perceive the blessing y'all I see the whole picture
While you only see sex
Get birth to this style like you to beat the computer
But I never play the moves is too much estate
Life is all bout what you do, you don't say
Every man got a cold this move we don't break
Gotta pay those dues you give me the whole v on trial for my view
He trick my cold d never hore for the sister is pimping like od
That's the man hoze you know how to hoes b
What is street, what is stuck on this throat
Now in the east trade froose when you punch on the trees
That ain't the peach I came through
But I'm not on the leaves
Change colors money please that's the rap like the..
In the state of emergency blood is the currency
They spill it on the ground to the mutter burgundy
Hotter than the mercury, shopper than the..the doctor for a surgery
A rapper talk about the..
That's absurd they thought it never occur to me
I let it spit it first out the courtesy
Currently the best full of fresh to death because of murder beats
Because of murder beats, yeah

Yeah I raised the glass for those who raised the bar
Wait the waffle to those who probably catch what I say them all
Wi need a new challenge so I could new the lies
But two talents running over tracks like some new dollars
Will make the..rhymes work to provide got a new time for innocent rhymes
Get out the way have em on their needs
Asking their master when they feed em
None of them I am half of what I've been seeing
I know you say you pack what I laugh still
You only metal got in the lines that is for deals
You need to smack the kill this is snack for real
The shit is so so if you rap and the..kill
I'm all seeing like the eyes on the black of bills
The black in the eyes of the shark when the tap seals
Keep it so fresh I got see
You're the king I break the crown like jack jill

So so so so so so so fresh
So so so so fresh

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