I got a letter from the government the other day
I opened and read it and said it was suckers
They wanna meet for the army or whatever
Benjamin given a damn I said never

Enough enough
E e e e e
Benjamin given a damn
Be-be-be-benjamin given a damn
Be-be-be-benjamin given a damn I said never

Yeah yeah attack the block, attack the block yeah yeah
Tell em kweli, z-trip a a a
What the wisdom of the vetarin, 5 of them
And nobody fuck with them, put that on everything man,
Put that on everything
What you got to put up?
Put it on, put it on

Nobody fuck em with the crew that I fuck
Nobody fuck em with the crew that I fuck
Nobody fuck em with the crew that I fuck
When I can tell you get disgusting
Nobody fuck em with the crew that I fuck
When I can tell you get disgusting with the crew that you stop with

Hit em like there's nothing while your movement the suspect
He's screaming out flat 'cause your duck sick
The period you nigga for got body to track
And put the fear in it asking you if you could feel let it be literal
Up against inside of your temper we're getting spiritual
People on me you niggas ain't passed the physical
Arter than the criminal no party if you stand
The market is full of bullets smarter than your average there
My spirit is living proof I'll be scaring em in the boo
They playing you for there but I dare to tell the truth
And get it longer the truth but still here while it..
Faking in the..and make it the pass of year
So so assassin nigga curve your enthusiasm
Quarter up in the special affection homie that's..

I shit frames and imagine hour
Life is an over blast self contain
Fray medal like it's over cast
Ask something I don't talk too much
Then if you ask around that comes to cuff and such
Throw the curve and adjust my swing
That is why I..on avoid the ducks
I'm out of nothing, you talk foolish
You love the money is the root or something
Now I ain't high and dance around you dooze like burn fire
Get your way up and your mixtape suck
Kweli send the alarm, I ain't the beast way accept
I'm from the great abra that you serve your own flow
You still the sneak I serve them..slow to moscow
Go in the work this clouds in the circus
I let the pearl curky so we earl with the purple
Education make the nervous they stuck on lanes
This the pop and you will know my name

I'm somewhere between gruff and green
Cash in hand knowledge in the book I read from
Y'all all been from the install
Some real skill hold the steady even when the earth shake..
Jealousy and hate never found bake and dark for me
..Can be cold from young mc's playing ball but y'all
Having you heard your words run but my rhyme is the word
Along with it the opposite,
You don't wanna run them the court like the ladybugs in my palm
My progress is a part of my process
Mandatory sweat like a fat nigga with breast
Just to fight it who is beneath the blog with the promiscuous game
That came to fuck us all
So when you need to make the court know who to trust
That's plug to the one that's it, that's enough
Ah they looked to me as I had breathe
Hover guns and butter like you see what the stat did
Being a block away had a stripling bibe big
Now they sayin I'm right like I'm reshup and rhyme his
Sky is beyond measure like my speech on level
You peon could you peon together
My queen days was for harder way gin or whatever
My team made..save the hit on the dreadler
Raysbach, maybach, crade on the gray bad
What we're seeing is a rover and tucking away and satered
Fly guy adiquin pr, ps in it, blue r and everything
Like we are we rappin with
And we all models that you find close and every
Maybe automatic mouth call that out on series
I'm the serie in this south 'cause I'm having this k
Throw a cane to your palm if you..

No one can hit us completely like see my..
This is not dimension yet, run a shit and this dimension
Guns is spit man can intoxicate
Especially when I run the wind
Holla never set the..the next is..
For the more is just discussing no discussion
Make em sick the way I kick
Bars precaution your head rushin
Plus I'm busting melons like gallagher
Not even a challenge to the simple of..
Given the circumstance call your commissioner
Got protection for your week conditioner
What you call it first, the chick upon from the purse
That..is the worst, how your crew loving my worse
Love how I swerve make a nigga shut for the curve
It only rap us in the burbs look in their eyes
Everything it start to swerve grab their hand of your girl
About to eye make a sip when shit is given nothing is the pearls

Like rich right I write the classic like
Write the passage when I recycle the passage should I type on the average
Grab a mike in this mandolin methods of a mechanic
Manic, necessary you panic I call an ambulance of my insomnia
I might overdose on ambient mixing with a cancer stick
Increasing my chances I got a lot of living to do before I diminish
Like I'm spitting to my finishing line limit
Rhyme chemist all I'm missing is a dime missing
Composition like do a dime mission
Once I step inside the mark entrance
Old school like you call 9 biscuits
New school like buy a nicky minaj tickets
Is it a crime that I'd rather listen ride digger
A fly nigga with big dreams and boast
L beat smoke..means a dope nigga

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